6. Saint: Time’s End

saint-times end
Pure Metal, 1985

The band described as the Christian version of Judas Priest released arguably the best straight ahead metal record in the history of Christian rock. Even in 2013, Time’s End still rocks. Awesome crunchy guitar riffs. Awesome guitar solos. Awesome album cover. Awesome band.

And what’s amazing about this record is just how catchy the songs are. Saint may play it loud and heavy, but these guys sure know how to write a hook as evidenced on Primed and Ready and Island Prisoner. And man can they rock out. Phantom of the Galaxy is a blistering track that absolutely rips along. That song and the abrupt tempo change that goes into the closer Steel Killer, which plays out in two parts, are the highlight of the record. Of course, Space Cruiser, the opener In The Night and the sludgy, mid-tempo title track Time’s End also shouldn’t be missed.

My only knock on this record? At nine songs, it’s almost too short. But in the time the band does use, it’s all quality music. Too Late for Living proved to be a suitable follow-up to Time’s End, although it lacked some of the punch. As far as heavy metal goes, Saint’s brand of straight forward, no-frills metal on Time’s End is astonishingly good. And although the term may sound tired after a while, Time’s End is indeed a Christian rock classic.