3. Resurrection Band: D.M.Z.

Rez band-dmz
(Light Records, 1982)

Well, the thing with Resurrection Band is there are just so many good records to listen to. The Christian hard rock pioneers have a bulging discography, and it’s really hard to settle on just one record as THE one to own. And I’m not sure if D.M.Z. would be THAT record, but I do have a fondness for this one.

For starters, it was my first Rez Band album — and has  Military Man, which begins with a great guitar riff and never relents. Military Man, a concert staple, set the tone for D.M.Z., which just might be the Resurrection Band record that rocks the hardest. Babylon and White Noise are likewise all-out rockers, the former of which begins with a wailing siren. And what about Area 312? It has just a great groove, Wendi’s vocals are good, the drums are awesome and there’s a catchy chorus to boot. The record closes with the wonderful So In Love With You, a keyboard-dominated track that soars along.

Resurrection Band’s greatest record? Maybe not, since Colours often gets the nod. Truth is, you can’t go wrong with anything the band released from 1978-82. D.M.Z. was the band’s fifth record and marked the end of Rez’s early prolific period. Two years later, Rez had moved to a different label (from Light to Sparrow records) and had embraced a slightly different sound on Hostage. In that regard, D.M.Z. was a fitting close to Rez Band’s early work and the shifting sounds of the ’80s.