4. One Bad Pig: Smash

(Pure Metal, 1989)

Well, as a guy who listened to a lot of heavy metal in the ’80s, this record blew my mind. And let’s face it: a steady diet of metal gets boring. But boring Smash was not, and One Bad Pig was not only fun but also rocked really hard. And the way the punk band pieced together highly entertaining songs was brilliant.

I mean, Isaiah 6 was unforgettable, thanks to a great thrashing groove and Cary “Kosher” Womack’s screaming. The record kicks off with Godarchy which set the table nicely for what followed. And the grooves are down right infectious. The guitar riff on People Cry Out is great. At times, the album rips along at a blistering pace. Take A Flying Leap has always been a personal favorite, and I’m Not Getting Any Older is right up there too. But Smash the Guitar and the whacky Looney Tune, which pokes fun at the band’s “stupid” name, are also must listens.

What amazes me all these years later is just how great this record is from start to finish. There really isn’t a bad track on Smash, which was high on screams and always entertained. It certainly set the blueprint for Swine Flew, which didn’t disappoint “Pig” fans either. Some of One Bad Pig’s novelty had worn off by the time I Scream Sunday came out, but the band had one heck of a run – and were absolutely brilliant in concert. Smash could very well be the best Christian punk record ever recorded. It’s certainly lost none of the entertainment value it had when I first bought it in 1989.