11. The Chariot: Wars and Rumors of Wars

(Solid State, 2009)

Abrasive, chaotic and furious, The Chariot’s Wars and Rumors of Wars is a hardcore record that takes the band to new heights. Screamer Josh Scroggin’s act never wears thin, despite the numerous line-up changes that have befallen The Chariot. Wars and Rumors of Wars was the band’s third record, and an absolute burner at that.

Take the opener Teach which is superbly constructed. It bashes about and smashes into the chorus with shouts of “White Flag,” then breaks away into crunching guitar and Scroggin yelling the unforgettable line “victory is such a lonely word.” The second track, Evolve, is equally as compelling. It’s a brutal mess of electric guitars and drums, and when Scroggin shouts “stay calm, stay calm!” amidst the background of noise, you know the band is cooking. The rest of the songs? Well it’s more of the same sonic assault. Daggers is clearly among the best tracks, and the closer Mrs. Montgomery Alabama ii is excellent. The thing that makes the record good, though, is the way the band intersperses ¬†pummelling hardcore with lengthy breaks of feedback (Need), ominous guitar-only outros (Impress) or the subdued guitar/drums/howls that opens Abandon.

As with all The Chariot records, Wars and Rumors is not for the faint of heart. It is Converge-like in its delivery, thick walls of noise with plenty of abrupt stops, sudden starts and frequent breakdowns. The music is firmly planted in the metalcore/mathcore genre, but The Chariot, though, is a hard band to pin down, ’cause you just never know what lies around the corner. That’s what makes listening to The Chariot so interesting, and Wars and Rumors could very well be the best hardcore record I own.


1. Teach:
2. Evolve:
3. Need:
4. Impress.
5. Never I
6. Giveth
7. Abandon:
8. Daggers
9. Oversea
10. Mrs. Montgomery Alabama ii




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