13. Daniel Amos: Doppelganger

(Alarma!, 1983)
(Alarma!, 1983)

Heck, Daniel Amos is just too good not to give a three-peat on this list of 100 influential  Christian rock records. Sadly, though, many didn’t make the cut for various reasons. But Doppelganger? Well, you can’t like Daniel Amos and not like Doppelganger. And although Vox Humana opened up my world to theirs, Doppelganger was the record that turned me into a full blown Daniel Amos fan.

This was the record with Mall (All Over The World). Youth With a Machine. Real Girls. Autographs for the Sick. New Car! There are so many great tracks on this 15-song epic. The record was the fitting sequel to Alarma!, but packed an even more lethal punch.

You can’t go wrong with any number of Daniel Amos records. With DA, the more is the merrier and three is definitely not a crowd. If stuck alone on deserted island with only a single, solitary Daniel Amos record, this would be it. That’s a cruel blow to Fearful Symmetry, Kalhoun, Darn Floor Big Bite, Horrendous Disc and other DA greats. Yup, Daniel Amos is perhaps the greatest Christian rock band ever. Innovative, contemplative, imaginative and always up to the task.


  1. Hollow Man
  2. Mall (All Over The World)
  3. Real Girls
  4. New Car!
  5. Do Big Boys Cry
  6. Youth With A Machine
  7. The Double
  8. Distance and Direction
  9. Memory Lane
  10. Angels Tuck You In
  11. Little Crosses
  12. Autographs for the Sick
  13. I Didn’t Build It For Me
  14. Here I Am
  15. Hollow Man (Reprise)




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