15. Breakfast With Amy: Dad

(Blonde Vinyl, 1991)

Of all the bands to grace the ’90s CCM scene, Breakfast With Amy may have been the craziest. The band fused freestyle jamming with psychedelic sounds, far-out lyrics and hippie sensibilities. Breakfast With Amy’s music was equal parts interesting and entertaining, a verified CCM sideshow that was high on fun and big on 60’s-style freakouts.

And it worked. Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing was a great debut the Amy’s. Dad picked up where the debut left off, and was how about that absolutely killer album cover? And how about Mermelstein And The Disappearing Sink? It’s one of the freakiest songs the band ever recorded, but it’s spectacular, a mash up of various people talking Jesus stuff to fuzzed-out guitar rock. The Amy’s then rush headlong into Ad America, another great solid track with (surprise!) harmony in the chorus. Sea Shanty could be dubbed Mermelstein And The Disappearing Sink Part II. It’s good, but we’ve heard it before.

I’m a huge Breakfast With Amy fan, and while Dad is a good record, it does lag in spots. For sure, though, the band’s body of work is super good. Make sure to check out Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt and Love Gift . The trio of records are fun, funky and really put the “alternative” in alternative music.


1. Me
2. Tell Mama
3. You
4. And So It Goes
5. Mermelstein And The Disappearing Sink
6. Ad America
7. The Short Happy Life Of Henrietta
8. Your Name
9. You’re Soaking In It
10. Sea Shanty Of An Icelandic Midwife
11. Come On, Joan




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