17. The Choir: Chase The Kangaroo

(Myrrh, 1988)
(Myrrh, 1988)

Now this is a moody record and where The Choir takes off with the title “Not Just Another Alternative Rock Band.” For sure, Chase the Kangaroo was a defining moment for The Choir, and maybe even for Christian rock as we know it. Whatever the case, it’s a great record and, alongside Circle Slide (which came out two years later), are a pair of albums that are great additions to any music collection.

For starters, the instrumentation on Chase the Kangaroo is top notch. On the opener Consider, drummer Steve Hindalong and bass player Tim Chandler get things going with a superb back beat before Deri Daughtery’s spaced-out guitar texturing and vocals are added. A Sad Face is a classic, once again carried along by Hindalong’s superb beat and Daughtery’s delayed guitar. The Rifleman is brilliant, with subdued instrumentation and vocal overdubs in the introduction that picks up steam with an upbeat U2-esque bass/drum rhythm and stellar lyrical composition. The album closes with the sensational Chase the Kangaroo, a song with searing electric guitar that is probably the best track on the record.

For sure, Chase the Kangaroo is a great record from start to finish. There’s a noticeable attention to detail, as the soundscapes of each track are painted with well-played instruments and Daughtery’s sometimes-dreamy, sometimes-earnest vocals. Chase the Kangaroo was certainly the record in which The Choir hit its stride, and what followed was a string of high-quality albums. The Choir set the bar incredibly high and for that, music fans, were are indebted.


1. Consider
2. Children of Time
3. Clouds
4. Sad Face
5. Cain
6. The Rifleman
7. Look Out (For Your Own)
8. Everybody in the band
9. So Far Away
10. Chase the Kangaroo




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