18. The Crucified: The Crucified

(Narrowpath, 1989)
(Narrowpath, 1989)

It’s hard to describe how much this record blew my mind. The Crucified’s debut album was hardcore punk that was high on both quality and quantity. At 14 tracks, the record had plenty of fodder for those looking to get into the mosh pit. And that’s exactly how the album began, with an ode called The Pit. It’s one of many songs that bashes about, then suddenly breaks off into relentless thrash.

Just like The Pillars of Humanity, it’s hard to nail down a favorite song on the band’s debut since the album delivers track after track. Rise is about as good as it gets, and Your Image is equally awesome. But the record is completed by such tracks as One Demon to Another, A Guy in a Suit and the Pope, and Back to The Cross. And you have to love how The Insult Circus and Thread flow seamlessly together, before the sensational Crucial Moment closes the record. 

Like I said, it’s hard to pick a favorite track. It’s such a great record. The drumming (thanks Jim Chaffin!) is fantastic, the guitar solos are blistering (Greg Minier is one talented dude!), the vocals are great (Mark Saloman’s the man!), and the bass playing is outstanding (Jeff Bellow’s the best!). The lyrics are great, too. It was the total package, and The Crucified’s debut remains an absolute classic.


1. The Pit
2. Diehard
3. Your Image
4.Getting a Grip on Things
5. Hellcorn
6. Rise
7. One Demon to Another
8. Unity
9. A Guy in a Suit and the Pope
10. Back to the Cross
11. Confidence
12. The Insult Circus
13. Thread
14. Crucial Moment




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