19. Scaterd Few: Sin Disease

(Alarma, 1990)
(Alarma, 1990)

This was a record that caught the Christian music industry off guard. It was loud, it was brash and it was incredibly good, a blast of raw punk rock with shades of funk, reggae and hardcore. It had it all, and there really wasn’t anything like it at the time.

The record begins with the unforgettable Kill The Sarx, a furious, frenzied track that clocks in just under 1:30. Scaterd Few immediately rushes headlong into the amazing While Reprobate, which I’ve always thought is the best song on the record. But there’s so much other good stuff. U is a haunting, thrashing, runaway train-epic that is proceeded by the acoustic instrumental As the Story Grows. The record then breaks off into the all-out reggae number A Freedom Cry. DITC has to be one of the greatest old-school Christian punk rock songs ever recorded. The album closes with Kill The Sarx II (Apocalypse), a lounge music-inspired number that features random vocal samples and singing, that veers off into a horror-like soundtrack. It’s perhaps the perfect closer to the record.

Allan Aguire’s howling, yelping and high-pitched vocals give Scatered Few a unique sound, while the rhythm section is absolutely searing. For sure, Sin is one of the greatest records to come out of the CCM scene in the early ’90s. There was little frame of reference for the music, which was influenced by everything from Bad Brains to Black Flag and Bob Marley. And the record holds up well. It continues to beg to be listened to to this day.


1. Kill the Sarx
2. While Reprobate
3. Beggar
4. Lights Out
5. Later (L.A. 1989)
6. Groovey
7. Glass God (No Freedom in Basing)
8. As the Story Grows
9. U
10. A Freedom Cry
11. Scapegoat
12. Wonder Why
13. DITC
14. Self
15. Look Into My Side
16. Kill the Sarx II (Apocalypse)




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