22. Daniel Amos: Bibleland

(BIA, 1994)
(BIA, 1994)

Yup, another Daniel Amos record. I’ve already lauded the merits and dances moves of Vox Humana, which was my first taste of DA. Bibleland came in another decade and years later and oh boy, these guys could play it hard and gritty after all. This record has been described as loud and angry, which is quite a tasty accusation. But it’s not all in-your-face electrified angst. Heck, the opener Broken Ladders to Glory has a downright sweet, laid back Tom Petty vibe.

The grit is turned up on Low Crawls & High Times, though, accentuated not only by noisy guitar but also snarly vocals. It’s one of the louder numbers, but there’s a healthy mix of all-out rock and more subdued tunes. My absolute favorite has always been Theo’s Logic, which has a sped-up country beat backed by a great guitar tone, topped up with an absolutely blazing guitar solo. The anthemic Stone Away serves as the perfect closer of the 12-song album, while I’ll Get Over It is a gentle ear-pleasing mid-tempo rocker.

I don’t think Bibleland qualifies as one of Daniel Amos’s “classics,” and given the band’s extensive, genre-bending discography there’s just so much other good stuff that you can’t place this record at the top of the heap. But having said that, what really makes a great record is one that you listen to a lot. And I played Bibleland over and over and over again when I got it, and did so for years, and continue to listen to it every now and then.


  1. Broken Ladders To Glory
  2. Bibleland
  3. Theo’s Logic
  4. Low Crawls & High Times
  5. Bakersfield
  6. Out In the Cold
  7. The Bubble Bursts
  8. Pete and Repeat
  9. Constance of the Universe
  10. I’ll Get Over It
  11. She’s Working Here
  12. Stone Away




2 thoughts on “22. Daniel Amos: Bibleland

  1. Two Daniel Amos albums on the list – well it ain’t surprising but I don’t have them, not even one of them. I have only four DA albums. Shotgun Angel, Horrendous Disc, Alarma and Doppelganger.

    1. Trust me… you honestly have the better ones. I’ve been around CCM for nearly 35 years, & in all that time I have never understood everyone’s fascination with Terry Taylor.

      Give me Horrendous Disc or Shotgun Angel (Side 2 of which, by the way, is absolutely brilliant start to finish) and I’ll be completely satisfied never to own another of the bands albums.

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