23. Believer: Extraction from Mortality

(R.E.X., 1989)
(R.E.X., 1989)

Things were just starting to heat up on the Christian thrash metal scene when Believer came blasting in with an absolutely smoking debut. The band’s Extraction from Mortality came one year after Vengeance’s Human Sacrifice, the same year as Deliverance’s self-titled debut and one year before Tourniquet’s Stop The Bleeding. At the turn of the decade, Christian thrash metal boasted a healthy stable of bands that included Living Sacrifice, Mortification and Sacrament, to mention a few.

But in someways, Extraction from Mortality was ahead of its time. The music was certainly more technical than what Vengeance (soon to be known as Vengeance Rising) and Deliverance were doing. Heck, this record even had violin, which was featured on the title track. The symphonic sounds contrasted perfectly when the song kicked down with Believer’s unmistakable crunching guitar and sped-up thrash beats. The record began with a bizarre intro on Unite that featured a chaotic piano sequence and church organ, which gave way to thick, heavy guitar. I’ve always liked how the following song, Vile Hypocrisy, kicks off with a double-kick drum beat and meaty bass line. There really isn’t a bad song on Extraction From Mortality. Blemished Sacrifices just might be my favorite, but then again Not Even One is just as good. It’s a toss up.

The record closes with Stress, in which the band had one last trick up its sleeve. It’s an Anthrax-sounding almost rap-like track with drum scratches that is equally parts thrash reggae and One Bad Pig inspired punk. It’s real fun. Believer’s sophomore release Sanity Obscure was equally as interesting and included a cover of U2’s Like A Song and more superb orchestration. Both records are classics as far as early Christian thrash goes and Believer remain one of my favorite bands in the genre.


1. Unite
2. Vile Hypocrisy
3. D. O. S. (Desolation Of Sodom)
4. Tormented
5. Shadow Of Death
6. Blemished Sacrifices
7. Not Even One
8. Extraction From Mortality
9. Stress




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