24. Fluffy: Go Fluffy Go!

(Blonde Vinyl, 1992)
(Blonde Vinyl, 1992)

My favorite Christian rock song ever is on this record. But first off, Fluffy was an offshoot of one of the greatest Christian alt rock bands ever to take the stage: Breakfast With Amy. Fluffy was the lo-fi garage punk/screamo/stoner rock side project of Christopher (sometimes Chrissy, sometimes Chris) Colbert, who hooked up with Michael Knott (ya that guy) to record a couple of records on Knott’s Blonde Vinyl label (before Fluffy recorded with the best-record-label-name-ever Flying Tart Records). As luck would have it, Knott helped co-write some of the songs on the band’s second album Go Fluffy Go!, and one of the best song of the bunch was a beauty called Guitars, Guns and Girls. The growling vocals, droning guitar, sludgy bass, freaked-out lyrics and a feedback marred guitar solo with complementary organ all mash together to make an ear-pleasing classic.

But the record doesn’t live and die with Guitars, Guns and Girls. Heck, the following song Not Easy Being Me is incredible, a dark, dirty number with super heavy guitar and a plodding drum beat. The entire record is dominated by noisy, messy guitars and interesting song arrangements. Kiki Wombauk, which is more or less an instrumental, begins with radio frequencies cutting in and out and closes with practically indecipherable screamed lyrics. Princess is a great example of how to build a song to a climax. It creeps along with a solid bass line amidst a light dusting of cymbals and constant bom, bom, bom of the kick drum before guitar comes screeching in and out and two separate vocal tracks (one spoken, one sung) are added. The song then suddenly comes to a stop, then takes off like a runaway freight train. It’s amazing. Crystal almost sounds like a parody of heavy metal, which may have been the point, but it’s great nonetheless. Hulaville and White Trash are other must hears on the record. Oh, and there’s a fun cover of Jessie’s Girl, which was a number one hit for Rick Springfield in 1981.

I’m fairly sure some people absolutely hate this record and its precursor Fluffy Luvs You. It’s very rough around the edges, kind of primal in its delivery, and absolutely polluted with noisy, fuzzed out guitars and chaotic vocals. Personally, I think Go Fluffy Go! it’s a work of art and Mr. Colbert and Mr. Knott’s unlikely collaboration added up to one heck of a satisfying musical mess.


1. Little Finger Eye; 2. Guitars, Guns, and Girls; 3. Not Easy Being Me; 4. Hulaville; 5. Amboy Bound; 6. Kiki Wombauk; 7. Jessie’s Girl; 8. Princess; 9. Crystal; 10. White Trash; 11. Little Finger Eye, Coda




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