25. Larry Norman: In Another Land

(Solid Rock, 1976)
(Solid Rock, 1976)

Well, you can’t have a list of 100 influential CCM records without a bit of Larry Norman, can you? The so-called father of Christian rock was both loved and loathed as a pioneering Jesus rocker, who had an erratic career that was plagued by health issues and some not-so-friendly dealings with people. Of course, it’s hard to know what to believe about just who Mr. Norman was when it comes to fact and fiction. But one thing for sure, the guy could flat out write good songs and rock.

And In Another Land, the third record of his early ’70s trilogy, shows all the good stuff that Norman brought to the table. It certainly was edgy for 1976, when singing that Jesus was the “The Rock that Doesn’t Roll” was giving rock music another thumbs up ’cause why should the devil have all the good music? Not everybody in the church was down with rock ‘n roll back then, though, and I guess some things never change. Even such beautiful gems as I Am a Servant, If God is My Father and One Way couldn’t save Norman from being blacklisted and censored by some, as legend goes. All three songs showed the beautiful, softer side of In Another Land. The best of the hard rockers is hands down Look Into Jesus, which just might be the greatest Norman song ever.

Really there isn’t a bad song on the record, an interesting, entertaining and uplifting serving of 15 tracks. Norman has other great records out there too, of which 1972’s Only Visiting This Planet is said to be the best. For sure, he was a great entertainer and seeing him in concert (and once leading worship) was something I appreciate more now than I did at the time. Truth is, I’m not sure how the whole heaven thing pans out, but I hope someday I’ll be rubbing shoulders with the father of Christian rock beyond the pearly gates.


1. The Rock That Doesn’t Roll
2. I Love You
3. U.F.O.
4. I’ve Searched All Around
5. Righteous Rocker #3
6. If God Is My Father
7. Look Into Jesus
8. I Am a Servant
9. The Sun Began To Rain
10. Shot Down
11. Six Sixty Six
12. Diamonds
13. One Way
14. Song For a Small Circle of Friends
15. Hymn To the Last Generation




One thought on “25. Larry Norman: In Another Land

  1. We all have our problems, just like Larry Norman had. The main idea is to look into Jesus. A very good album. I like both the rocking tracks as well as the peaceful ones. I am a servant, If God Is My Father, One Way as well as Song for a Small Circle of Friends are beautiful. The Sun Began to Rain also showed some of Larry Norman’s sense of humour.

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