27. Undercover: God Rules

(A&S, 1983)
(A&S, 1983)

God Rules was a great album from one of the best alternative rock bands ever to grace the CCM scene. And God Rules was also the song that cemented Undercover’s status as punk rockers extraordinaire, and a band that didn’t shy away from matters of faith. One thing’s for sure, the band didn’t hide its light under a bushel, but proudly and loudly proclaimed that God not only rules, but also rocks!

And Undercover’s brand of new wave-ish punk rock never gets old, even if it has a slightly dated ’80s sound. That does nothing to kill my appreciation for the record, the second release in the Undercover catalogue and two records and three years removed from the classic Branded. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. God Rules is a celebration of faith, from the opener New Creation (“I’m a brand new 1!2! creation!”) right on through to the closer I Love God. In between, some of the highlights among the record’s 13 tracks include Jesus Girl and Wait A Minute. Like I said, it’s simple mostly three-chord stuff, but it’s good.

Undercover followed up God Rules with the darn good Boys and Girls Renounce The World in 1984. It was another doss of pure punk/new wavish pop, with a more mature sound that would come into full bloom in 1986. But more on that later.


1. New Creation
2. Closer To You
3. He Takes Care Of Me
4. I Still Want You
5. I Never Knew
6. Jesus Girl
7. His Love
8. Jesus For Me
9. Jesus Is The Best
10. I Am The Resurrection
11. God Rules
12. Wait A Minute
13. I Love God




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