29. The Black Peppercorns: Tumbling Ground

(7th Time Music, 1995)
(7th Time Music, 1995)

Kevin Prosch has always had the ability to expand the parameters of contemporary worship music. I was blown away by his early records, especially Even So Come and Come to The Light, which were both highly listenable, and highly personal. His band, The Black Peppercorns, were less “church music” oriented and sang songs about love and life. And the music was great.

For the most part, Tumbling Ground is a fun and light record. Whang Dang Do is a fun, silly country-ish closer. Hopelessly in Love, which has always been my favorite, is just a great upbeat love song that has a great guitar sound. She Walks in Beauty is another standout, while the emotional opener Please has all the signs of a telltale Prosch song.

For Prosch, it marked the beginning of a prolific period. It was the first of five record he recorded from 1995-98, one of which (The Finer Things in Life) was a collaboration with music veteran, guitarist Bryn Haworth. The Black Peppercorns definitely set the bar high for Prosch, who has always been a great songwriter and definitely knows how to hit you between the eyes lyrically. Tumbling Ground is great place introduction to Prosch if you haven’t heard him before.


Tracks: 1. Please; 2. She walks in beauty; 3. Love is all you need; 4. Tumbling ground; 5. Thinking of you; 6. Come to me; 7. Hopelessly in love; 8. A song for Natalia; 9. Whang dang do.




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