30. Michael Knott: Rocket and a Bomb

(Brainstorm Artists, 1994)
(Brainstorm Artists, 1994)

Out of all of Michael Knott’s records, this could easily be the funnest. One thing for sure, it displays Knott’s remarkable ability to tell stories through song. Rocket and a Bomb is a collection of tales gleaned from life experience, including the queasy recount of a woman who just might be cooking her husband. That song, Kitty , is one of the greatest cuts on the record. But it’s not alone.

There’s the unforgettable John Barrymore Jr., the melancholy Train, the depressing Make Me Feel Good and the outstanding title track, Rocket and a Bomb, which also serves as the album closer. The record is basically a stripped down version of Knott’s scathing musical assault, dominated by acoustic guitars and laid back beats.

As with many of Knott’s record, I played Rocket and a Bomb to death. This could quite possibly be my favorite album from Knott’s bulging discography, if not for the one that blew off my socks a couple years prior. But a rant about that record is forthcoming…

1. Jan the Weatherman (3:06)
2. Jail (3:44)
3. Make Me Feel Good (5:12)
4. Serious (4:07)
5 . John Barrymore Jr. (2:30)
6 . Train (5:28)
7. Bubbles (4:17)
8. Kitty (3:43)
9. Adrian (4:07)
10. Skinny Skins (4:31)
11. Rocket and a Bomb (5:06)

Listen Here:



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