31. Keith Green: For Him Who Has Ears To Hear

(Sparrow, 1977)
(Sparrow, 1977)

Keith Green needs no introduction for most CCM fans, the fiery young piano-playing singer whose tragic death in an airplane crash ended his life far too soon. But his music lives on, as does the legacy of the polarizing artist. He was outspoken with a get-right-with-God, in-your-face approach that defined his career, although he shunned celebrity status. However, in a bitter twist of irony, Green, who blasted the CCM money-making machine for cashing in on the gospel (and even negotiated a contract for his music and concerts to be free), has had his music reissued on various compilations and greatest hits packages over the years…along with books and videos about his life.

You can’t blame the idealist for how things turned out. Nor can you ignore the demand for his music to be heard in the decades that have followed his untimely death. For Him Who Has Ears to Hear was Green’s first record and it is best described as piano-oriented pop that wouldn’t be out of place on an Elton John or Billy Joel album. There are some amazing songs on the record (except for the lyrical content, that is). You Put This Love in My Heart is a great opener, and one of the best tracks alongside He’ll Take Care of The Rest and Your Love Broke Through.

Green would go on to record three more records prior to that fateful flight in 1982. I’ve always enjoyed his music in small doses, and really appreciate his passion and fact that he wore his heart on his sleeve at all times. For Him Who Has Ears to Hear is no doubt a Keith Green classic and must have from the Jesus music era.


  1. You put this love in my heart
  2. I can’t believe it
  3. Because of you
  4. When i hear the praises start
  5. He’ll take care of the rest
  6. Your love broke through
  7. No one believes in me anymore (Satan’s Beast)
  8. Song to my parents (I only want to see you there)
  9. Trials turned to gold
  10. The easter song




3 thoughts on “31. Keith Green: For Him Who Has Ears To Hear

  1. I was actually waiting for this album to appear on your list right now. It could be higher but the truth is that the music sounds a little bit old-fashineioned. Still, I couldn’t imagine my CCM collection without it. A true classic. I don’t listen to Elton John or Billy Joel but Keith Green was the voice of 70’s CCM.

  2. I am in agreement with the originator on Keith Green as his music seems to be a push to listeners. His piano work and relentless testimony cannot be mistaken .. It’s the “real Deal” though as he and Melody lived “the ideals of Christianity” to the best of their ability. Great classic contemporary christian music! My favorite album is “So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt” . Keep up the great effort !! I don’t know a lot of the 1990’s-to date music in the heavy metal and Hard rock genres but with the track listings and the Grooveshark links I can “listen in” to groups I’m not familiar with. So thanks

  3. I’m far more attracted to the “in your face” styling of Keith’s “No Compromise”. This may be a good album, but No Compromise was Keith’s magnum opus, the album that every Christian believer should listen to and bear on their hearts. From “Asleep in the light” to “My eyes are dry” every song here is a gem. (ok, I know, I know… I just mentioned the last two songs on side one, but those two in particular carry strong tones for the entire album.)

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