34. Alternative Worship: Prayers, Petitions, and Praise

(1994, Alarma Records)
(1994, Alarma Records)

Now, this was an alternative worship record that was explicitly named as such. Alternative Worship: Prayers, Petitions, and Praise was an album produced by none other than Michael Knott and featured members from the Aunt Bettys as well as Christian alt-rock heavyweights  Terry Scott Taylor (DA) and Gene Eugene (Adam Again).

The record is a collection of what can best described as melancholy worship songs. Although the album boasts some bright spots, its mostly sombre, yet hopeful. “River of Love” has always been my favorite song alongside “Shine.” There are also a pair of acoustic numbers that are absolutely brilliant. Knott sings accompanied by piano on “Call on You,” then acoustic guitar on “Never Forsaken.” Both songs typify the back half of the record, which is generally subdued and acoustic. There’s even a rendition of the traditional hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

This remains one of my favorite records to this day. It’s also another reminder of Knott’s versatility as a songwriter and musician, and another nod to just how good some of the music was that came from the fringes of the CCM scene in the early ’90s.


1. On My Feet Again
2. Windows
3. River of Love
4. Simple Man
5. Everything For Stormie
6. Shine
7. Call on You
8. Never Forsaken
9. Lamb of God
10. Holy, Holy, Holy
11. Within

Listen Here:



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