35. Cush: New Sound

(Northern, 2000)
(Northern, 2000)

Well you knew that if Mike Knott hooked up with a quality band things could really heat up. Not that the Aunt Bettys didn’t cook. Those dudes could play some mean rock ‘n roll. But the players in this band, all seasoned guys from the likes of Prayer Chain, Starflyer 59, etc., leaned toward a more “modern” alternative sound. It was kind of dreamy, kind of draggy (in a good way!) but always, always good.

Heck, this record is flat out amazing from “Heaven Sent” on through to “Smallest Part.”  My favorites on here have always been “Crush Me,” a upbeat rocker which is an absolute beauty, and mini-epic “The Bomb Was Brighter Than the Stars.” But there’s really not a dog in the bunch.

New Sound is a record you just have to have in your collection if you have even the remotest affection for noise pop/alt-rock/shoegaze/good music. It’s a darn good album, one of the best ever to come out of the CCM industry.


1 Heaven Sent (6:17)
2 Crush Me (3:27)
3 Angelica (5:09)
4 Good Times (4:48)
5 Clouds Are All the Same (5:32)
6 Starry Starry Seas (4:35)
7 Arching Heart (6:36)
8 Shining Glory (6:05)
9 Touch (5:14)
10 Porpoise (5:26)
11 Bomb Was Brighter Than the Stars (6:28)
12 Smallest Part (5:44)

Listen Here:



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