36. At the Foot of the Cross Volume 1: Clouds, Rain, Fire

(1991, Glasshouse Records)
(1991, Glasshouse Records)

Now here’s a record that blew away my conceptions of what contemporary worship was all about. It was beautiful, devotional, liturgical and meditational. It coloured outside the lines of what “worship” in the Evangelical church was all about. There were elements of mystery, intrigue and awe. It felt like being at a Catholic mass, as scary as that was (and may still be) for some Protestants.

And it didn’t hurt that Steve Hindalong and Deri Daugherty of the The Choir, along with a host of their CCM counterparts, were involved in the project. The record plays out in three parts: Mystery, Atonement and Inspiration. I’ve always thought Beautiful Scandalous Night was absolutely stunning, perhaps the most beautiful song ever written about the crucifixion.  And the harmonies on the traditional My Redeemer Lives are spine-tingling. Oh, and Sanctified is a pure joy to listen to, thanks to the Julie Miller/Buddy Miller/Victoria Williams trio.

In retrospect, this may be my favorite worship album ever. It’s not nearly as “commercial” as what record executives may like, but it’s darn good. If you haven’t heard it, but love to revel in the mystery of the cross, this album may just blow you away.

Tracks: 1. Clouds, Rain, Fire (2:48); 2. Round About You (3:18); 3. Sanctus (1:51); 4. When The Sun Fades (4:51); 5. Heal Us Oh Lord (1:29); 6. Beautiful Scandalous Night (3:48); 7. Kyrie (2:19); 8. My Redeemer Lives (2:53); 9. Sanctified (2:42); 10. Teach Us To Love You (4:02); 11. Peace (3:25); 12. Agnus Dei-Dona Nobis Pacem (4:06)

Listen Here:



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