37. King’s X: Dogman

(Atlantic, 1994)
(Atlantic, 1994)

The buzz about King’s X is that the band is not only darn good, but criminally overlooked. The trio has been flying under the radar of the average rock fan for years, but those in the know, know that this band makes great, great music. All of the band’s first three releases – Out of the Silent Planet (’88), Gretchen Goes to Nebraska (’89), and Faith, Hope and Love (’90) – received a steady rotation in my stereo as the’80s faded and gave way to the ’90s. The records rocked with the band’s trademark harmonies, catchy hooks and solid instrumentation.

After a ho-hum self-titled 4th record, King’s X came back with its 5th studio release, Dogman – and had tweaked its sound in the process. The results were pure ear candy (pun intended, ’cause that was the name of the next record). Dogman was a turn for a heavier, darker, blues-based psychedelic sound. Not sure if that’s the best description, but it sounded like the music of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix on steroids. And Dogman offered a healthy dose of material, 14 tracks which included an outstanding cover of Hendrix’s Manic Depression. Complain, Pretend and the title track Dogman were also super good. Even some of the songs that slowed to a crawl (Flies and Blue Skies, Sunshine Rain), were amazing, thick, heavy servings of down-tuned, sludgy goodness.

Like I said. I played the first three King’s X records to death and still love them today. But Dogman is the record the really does it for me. It’s the perfect mix of the band’s heavier sound and luscious harmonies.

Tracks: 1. Dogman; 2. Shoes; 3. Pretend; 4. Flies and Blue Skies; 5. Black the Sky; 6. Fool You; 7. Don’t Care; 8. Sunshine Rain; 9. Complain; 10. Human Behavior; 11. Cigarettes; 12. Go to Hell; 13. Pillow; 14. Manic Depression

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One thought on “37. King’s X: Dogman

  1. So you like dogs…Lost Dogs, Dogman etc.lol. I have never even heard of this record before but King’s X is a good band. I have the album “Faith Hope Love” and it has lots of good songs. Maybe I would choose next album to be heard Out of the Silent Planet if I ever gonna get more from them.

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