38. The Choir: Circle Slide

(Myrrh, 1990)
(Myrrh, 1990)

The Choir has always been great at creating emotional landscapes with its music. In that regard, Circle Slide is a beautiful record, full of emotion, wonder and darn good music. For that reason alone, whenever I think of The Choir, I think of Circle Slide. It was truly an unforgettable record, and the beauty begins with the album cover that features a pastoral landscape and a tire swing hanging from a tree.

But it’s in the music that the real beauty lies, and boy is it ever good. Things start off with the title track, which has a melancholy feel to it. That emotion is also at play in If I Had A Yard, and carried into A Sentimental Song. There are bright moments on the record, though. About Love is upbeat and hopeful, while Restore my Soul is triumphant in the face of human frailty. It’s a beautiful song and an absolutely perfect closer.

In some ways it was hard to believe that Circle Slide was the sixth record by The Choir, originally known as Youth Choir. Founding members Steve Hindalong (drums) and Deri Daughtery are certainly musical geniuses, while bass player Tim Chandler (of Daniel Amos fame) was no slouch either. As a teenager, I snapped up every release of The Choir that hit the Christian bookstore shelves right from day one. Alongside 1988’s Chase the Kangaroo, Circle Slide is definitely the other Choir record I hold in high regard. You can’t really go wrong with either one.

TRACKS: 1. Circle Slide; 2. If I Had A Yard; 3. A Sentimental Song; 4. Merciful Eyes; 5. Tear For Tear; 6. About Love; 7. Blue Skies; 8. Laugh Loop; 9. Restore My Soul




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