39. Lost Dogs: Scenic Routes

(BIA, 1992)
(BIA, 1992)

When a collection of veteran Christian alt-rock legends got together in the early ’90s and made some music the results were stunning. Scenic Routes is a great listen from the Lost Dogs, a Travelling Wilburys-inspired super group comprised of Mike Roe, Gene Eugene, Terry Scott Taylor and Derri Daughtery. The music is a pleasing blend of blues, folk, country and rock. It’s a mix that works well.

With 17 tracks, there’s a wealth of material including originals, traditionals and covers. And the album holds up well over the duration. Standouts include the heavy-blues arrangement of You Gotta Move, Taylor’s stellar Bullet Train, and the closer Breathe Deep, also penned by Taylor. There’s also a cool cover of Bob Dylan’s Lord Protect My Child (a song that was an outtake from Infidels). But it’s the sum of its parts that makes Scenic Routes so good.

Incredibly, the Lost Dogs would release another record the following year. Little Red Riding Hood contained an album-and-a-half worth of material, 15 tracks that included such gems as Eleanor, It’s Raining Now (another Taylor classic), the fun blues jam Free at Last and a cover of The Beatle’s I’m a Loser. Both records are good, and the Lost Dogs would go on to record a handful of other albums, even soldiering on after the death of Eugene in 2000. One thing that always shines through on the Dogs records is their infectious love of music of a wide range of styles. And the quality is always top notch to boot, so with the Lost Dogs you can’t really go wrong.

Tracks: 1. Scenic Routes; 2. You Gotta Move; 3. Built For Glory, Made To Last; 4. Bullet Train; 5. The Fortunate Sons; 6. The New Physics; 7. I Am A Pilgrim; 8. Lord,  Protect This Child; 9. Amber Waves Goodbye; 10. Bush League; 11. Old and Lonesome; 12. I Can’t Say Goodbye; 13. Why is The Devil Red; 14. Smokescreen; 15. The Last Testament of Angus Shane; 16. Hard Times Come Again No More; 17. Breathe Deep

Listen Here:



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