40. Bloodgood: Bloodgood

(Frontline, 1986)
(Frontline, 1986)

This may have been the heaviest record I purchased in 1986, an absolutely great debut from the band that took a page from Van Halen as far as the name went. Bloodgood really gave hard rock fans something to be excited about, with an album that was great from start to finish.

The band also put to tape one of the heaviest Christian songs of the ’80s, the unforgettable Black Snake. That song was worth the price of the record alone. But there were so many other good ones. I’ve always thought What’s Following the Grave was sensational. Killing the Beast is right up there too, with the opener Accept the Lamb. There really isn’t a bad track on the album. It may be no frills heavy metal to a fault, but it’s darn good at that.

And the crazy thing is that Bloodgood came right back the following year with an even better record, Detonation. Bloodgood was truly among the best Christian metal bands in its time, right in there in the same conversation as Stryper, Barren Cross and Saint. And lyrically, I don’t think there was a band that tackled Christian themes as good as Bloodgood. As Les Carlsen belted out in Black Snake, “He Who is In Me is Greater than He Who is In the Worrrrrrrrrrrld!!!” An unforgettable lyric from a great band.

Tracks: 1. Accept the Lamb; 2. Stand in the Light; 3. Demon on the Run; 4. Anguish and Pain; 5. Awake!; 6. Solider of Peace; 7. You Lose; 8. What’s Following the Grave; 9. Killing the Beast; 10. Black Snake

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3 thoughts on “40. Bloodgood: Bloodgood

  1. You know what? I am still waiting for to get this album. I bought this one from a Finnish Christian music store (on their website) two months ago. But that’s another story… However, I like their secod full-length album “Detonation” and I had to listen to some samples from this one. “Accept the Lamb” was the first song I listened. I loved it. I had to buy the whole album. I believe it’s worth waiting…

      1. I reveived a couple days ago it because I ordered from AMazon UK marketplace seller. The Finnish record store didn’t get it in time, so I requested them to send me Mortification Scrolls of the Megilloth. They both are good albums.

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