42. Rez: Between Heaven ‘N Hell

(Sparrow, 1985)
(Sparrow, 1985)

This is one of the records I played to death as teenager. The reason? It rocked! Not that I didn’t like Hostage, the Rez record that came before Between Heaven ‘N Hell. But the band had returned to its hard rock roots after flirting with new wave. The result was pure ear candy.

Right off the bat, The Main Event tears through your speakers, an out-and-out rocker that doesn’t disappoint. Neither does Wendi’s voice. Has she ever sounded better? Rez keeps the rockers coming. Love Comes Down, I Think You Know and Nervous World are also potent rockers. But it’s the sum of its parts that makes Between Heaven ‘N Hell so good. The mid-tempo tracks, such as Zuid Afrikan, Talk To Me, Walk On and Shadows are just as good. And 2,000 is the perfect album closer.

One thing for sure, on a list of 100 records that have influenced me, Rez could easily take about 1/10 of the spots. Rez was always the cream of crop on the Christian hard rock scene, especially during the ’80s, and Between ‘Heaven ‘N Hell shows the band firing on all cylinders.

Track Listing:

1. The Main Event; 2. Love Comes Down; 3. Zuid Afrikan; 4. Walk On; 5. Talk To Me; 6. I Think You Know; 7. Shadows; 8. Save Me From Myself; 9. Nervous World; 10. 2,000

Listen Here:



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