43. Randy Rose: Sacrificium

(1991, Intense)
(1991, Intense)

It may be hard to believe that Randy Rose was part of the synth-pop outfit Mad At The World after listening to his first solo record. Sacrificium is straight-up hard rock/heavy metal, with a gritty guitar sound and raspy vocals. Rose would later form a band simply called “Rose” and more albums would follow throughout the decade.

Sacrificium has always drawn comparisons to Danzig, and if you’ve heard the two bands back to back the influence is definitely there. Both have a darker sound, and that comes to the forefront on Sacrificium. For sure, Black Harvest remains a great song. It’s easily the fastest on the record. The rest just plod along, and its a tough slog listening to the record all the way through.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the style of music. The follow-up record Healing didn’t stray from Sacrificium’s path, although now with a band, the music sounds fuller and generally more interesting. I’d much prefer to listen to Mad at the World’s Seasons of Love for a dose of Rose-inspired hard rock.


1. “Pain” (4:06)
2. “Oppresson” (3:46)
3. “Fire” (4:29)
4. “I Was Alive” (5:31)
5. “Wicked Ways” (3:40)
6. “Black Harvest” (5:31)
7. “Mashmallow Land” (4:09)
8. “Walls of Hate” (3:56)
9. “Death” (3:46)
10. “Sacrificium” (4:42)




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