44. Aunt Bettys: Ford Supersonic


The second and final record from yet another project fronted by Michael Knott, Ford Supersonic was another sonic blast of high-energy rock.  I never realized it at the time, but this Aunt Betty’s album was really a collection of demos. It sure doesn’t sound like it.

The band plays tight and the songs are mostly good, although it’s not all Grade A stuff. The best of the bunch include the opener Getting Normal, fan-favorite Rock Stars on H, and the absolutely sensational Widget Man. The fun acoustic song Popsicle Stick is a great “intermission” mid-way through the 12-track recording, as well as a nod to Knott’s solo work.

Ford Supersonic was my introduction to Aunt Bettys. The band had a released a decent self-titled debut a couple years earlier with high hopes of making it big. That never happened, but Aunt Bettys did leave us with some good music – and videos of a highly entertaining show at the Detroit Bar (which can be found on YouTube) that give fans something to remember them by.


  1. Getting Normal
  2. Two Timing Jack
  3. Movie Star
  4. Christine on Crystal
  5. Shoot Allison
  6. Widget Man  
  7. Popsicle Stick
  8. Local Supply
  9. Sugar Cane
  10. Rock Stars on H
  11. Ricky Racer
  12. Motor Queen




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