46. Paul Oakley: Because of You

(Survivor Records, 1996)
(Survivor Records, 1996)

This was another one of those records that helped redefine contemporary worship music for me, right up there in the same conversation as Delirious and Kevin Prosch. This record is a mid-’90s gem in my opinion, a collection of worship songs with rousing electric guitar and a no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll sound. It was definitely edgier than what UK counterpart Graham Kendrick was doing, but not offensively so.

In fact, a lot of the songs on Because of You translated well in a praise and worship setting. The title track sure did, as well as It’s All About You, Fire and River of God. Of course, they never sounded as good as they do on the record, with its jangly guitars and straight out of the ’70s vibe. One thing for sure, Oakley can write a song with a hook, which his deep discography bears witness to.

Oakley’s When Deep Calls to Deep (1998) and Kiss the River (2000) also found their way into my collection, the latter of which rocks hardest. But I have more of a fondness for Because of You, and really dig its overall sound that’s complemented by organs and horns. It’s good stuff.


1. Because Of You, 4:18
2. Jesus Is King, 4:01
3. Fire, 3:39
4. Like A Child, 3:39
5. Adam’s Race, 3:53
6. You’re Making Me Like Jesus, 4:25
7. Can This Be True, 5:08
8. Who is There Like You?, 5:30
9. It’s All About You (Jesus Lover of My Soul), 4:11
10. River of God, 5:15

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