47. Sacred Warrior: Master’s Command

(Intense, 1989)
(Intense, 1989)

Sacred Warrior got the ball rolling with 1988’s Rebellion. It was a good but not great record, and the band really hit its stride on the follow-up album. Master’s Command is well-played sophomore release, led by Rey Parra’s high-pitched vocals and Tony Velasquez’s sensational drumming.

And the songs are really good. Beyond the Mountain is among the best, with the instrumental Onward Warriors a stellar track (and I nice break from Parra’s voice). But The Flood stands out as head of the class, with growly guest vocalist Roger Martinez from label mates Vengeance Rising. That song alones is worth the price of admission. The record closes to the refrains of Holy, Holy, Holy – another great track, in which Sacred Warrior adds some “oomph” to the traditional hymn.

Musically, Queensryche has always been mentioned in the same conversation as Sacred Warrior. For sure, the influence is there, especially in the vocals, and Master’s Command has its progressive metal moments. Sacred Warrior would go on to bang out a couple more records, Wicked Generation and Obsessions to make it four albums in four years before calling it quits. I don’t think any of those records equalled what the band had accomplished on Master’s Command, but they were also highly listenable and were a part of my collection at one time or another.


  1. Master’s Command
  2. Beyond the Mountain
  3. Evil Lurks
  4. Bound In Chains
  5. Unfailing Love
  6. Paradise
  7. Uncontrolled
  8. Many Will Come
  9. Onward Warriors
  10. The Flood
  11. Holy, Holy, Holy




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