48. Mad at the Word: Seasons of Love

(Alarma, 1990)
(Alarma, 1990)

After a couple of New Wave records, Mad at the World roughed up its sound for 1990’s Seasons of Love. The record has more in common with The Cult than previous album’s preoccupation with The Smiths, and the decision was a good one.

For sure, Mad at the World never sounded better than on Seasons of Love. The record snarls and stomps around like an upset child at times, City of Anger being a good example of that. The song is super good, but just as you think that’s as good as it can get, the band pulls out all the stops on So Insane, an anti-drug song that moves along at a blistering pace and devours everything in its path. These tracks are so far removed from the band’s self titled debut and sophomore release Flowers in the Rain that it’s almost funny. But It’s Not a Joke, which just so happens to be the title of track 9, a song that has a Beatle’s like hook and an absolutely stellar chorus.

Yup, Seasons of Love is a darn good record that rocks incredibly hard. It’s a bit of a departure for Mad at the World when stacked up against earlier releases, but the results are profound. A great record through and through, and well worth getting your hands on. Your ears will thank you.


1. The Narrow Road
2. Seasons Of Love
3. City Of Anger
4. When The Wind Blows
5. Marshmallow Land
6. Summer’s Gone
7. Promised Land (The Deception of Drugs)
8. So Insane
9. It’s Not A Joke
10. The Love That Never Fades
11. Seasons Of Love (Reprise)




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