49. Leviticus: The Strongest Power

(Pure Metal, 1986)
(Pure Metal, 1986)

Leviticus was the other early Christian hard rock/heavy metal band that hailed from Sweden. And, like Jerusalem, once the band’s songs were translated into English, Christian metal fans everywhere were introduced to some great music. The Strongest Power was the follow-up record to I Shall Conquer, and right off the bat the album kicks off with a bang. The Winner is a great song, with a noisy guitar riff and a catchy chorus. It’s real good stuff.

The next song, Deborah and Barak, plods along before breaking loose mid-way through with a frantic guitar solo and hectic drumming. It’s another great track. Other memorable songs include I Got Power, which explodes with a memorable drum intro, then moves along at a blistering pace. On Look Around, there’s a fair amount of keyboard (that also shows up at other times on the record), which serves to expand the band’s sound. It’s a well constructed and vocally excellent song. I Love You is another up-tempo gem, with a driving beat and an absolutely stellar guitar solo, while Light for the World is great closer.

For sure, Leviticus was firing on all cylinders on 1986’s The Strongest Power (first released in 1985). Three or four songs in, the record starts to sound a bit tired, but a strong B side saves the day. The follow-up record Setting Fire to The Earth was also good, although lineup changes also changed the band’s trademark sound. But 1989’s Knights of Heaven kind of lost me (another over-produced John and Dino Elefante record, although some disagree). For me, The Strongest Power is classic Leviticus, with the band in fine form and their signature sound on full display.


  1. The winner
  2. Deborah and barak
  3. On the rock
  4. King of kings
  5. Stay with us
  6. I got power
  7. Look around
  8. I love you
  9. A new day
  10. Light for the world



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