50. Crumbacher: Incandescent

(Broken, 1985)
(Broken, 1985)

Crumbacher emerged in the mid-’80s as a high-quality new wave outfit and the band’s debut Incandescent was highly listenable – even if New Wave wasn’t exactly your thing. The record had loads of hooks and harmonies, along with genre specific synthesized sounds, which made it kinda fun  to listen to. And it has dated surprisingly well, despite how badly some ’80s music has aged.

That may have something to do with the fact that the record only has eight tracks. Crumbacher doesn’t wear out its welcome on Incandescent, which is a good thing. It’s not an easy task figuring out what tracks standout above the others, since it mostly sounds the same. However, It Doesn’t Matter is probably the record’s best, with the opener Understudy right up there too.

Crumbacher’s debut was the first of four records in consecutive years (1985-88) for the group. The band’s sophomore release Escape from the Fallen Planet also found its way into my music collection, a record that was equally as good if not an improvement on Crumbacher’s overall sound. Nevertheless, it’s still light and fluffy New Wave pop – fun to listen to every once in while but a steady diet of it would overdo it.


1. Understudy
2. Infrared/X-Ray Eyes
3. Glowing In The Dark
4. So Strange
5. It Doesn’t Matter
6. Jamie
7. Sweet By And By
8. Track You Down




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