53. SFC: Phase III

(Brainstorm, 1992)
(Brainstorm, 1992)

This is the other early Christian rap record I hold in high regard and still find times when I just have to hear it again. And I thought SFC’s prior record, A Saved Man (In the Jungle) was good. But Phase III turns it up a notch, in terms of quality and edginess. One thing you noticed right away is the searing electric guitar on Hoods of Good, which is one of the best songs on the record.

And there are some fun samples on the Phase III. The female vocal on Music is My Life sounds great. It’s one of the top songs on the album, and features elements of funk and soul music. Another highlight is Kill the Spirit, a song with a great groove that is introduced with a clip of a pastoring preaching on the lead-up track called The Setting.

Also among the album’s best tracks are the fun Skanewpid and the freestyle jam DJ Dove, which begins with various stops on a radio dial that eventually tunes to the unforgettable voice of Wolfman Jack! Yup, SFC keep things interesting over the course of 20 tracks on Phase III, the group’s third record and last with the original crew. Alongside P.I.D.’s The Chosen Ones, Christian rap was doing alright thank-you-very-much at the turn of the ’90s.


1. Intro
2. Hoods of Good
3. Glory Halagroovin
4. Terror on Tape
5. Freedom in Captivity
6. One
7. What we Need
8. Music is my Life
9. Phase III
10. Unity
11. The Setting
12. Kill the Spirit
13. In the House
14. Swingin
15. Another One
16. Skanewpid
17. DJ Dove (The Minister of Music)
18. 113.3
19. Victory
20. More Skanewpid Stuff




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