54. Rick Cua: You’re My Road

(Sparrow, 1985)
(Sparrow, 1985)

Rick Cua was my favorite bass playing/singing rocker other than Geddy Lee in the 1980’s. Cua was a CCM mainstay for the better part of the ’80s and in to the ’90s, a straight-ahead rocker whose music was highly listenable (well, for the most part). You’re My Road was introduction to Cua, and I remember giving this cassette a heavy rotation in my early collection.

The album’s first two tracks Don’t Say Suicide and You’re My Road are among the best. Others include The Old Man, which has a catchy guitar riff and rousing guitar solo, and You’ve Only Got One Life, a fast-paced rocker with a great anthem-like chorus. The rest of the songs mostly fall into the Adult Oriented Radio (AOR) vein, which is the case on tracks such as Run Away and We Are Yours. It’s not that the AOR stuff is necessarily bad, but Cua is at his best when he rocks out (in my opinion, that is).

Cua’s following two records, Wear Your Colors and Can’t Stand Too Tall, also found their way into my collection, the latter of which is probably his best (and I think AllMusic may be right). The rock/AOR formula seems to work best on Can’t Stand Too Tall. Of course, we can’t talk about Cua without mentioning the Outlaws, the band Cua left for a career as a CCM artist – and a great band at that. It was a good move, perhaps, although I may never get over the only time I saw him live. And it really was just him, bass guitar in hand and a microphone, playing his songs to background tracks. Cua was certainly personable, but the concert wasn’t exactly a showstopper. Needless to say, a full band would have been 10 times better.


  1. Don’t Say Suicide
  2. You’re My Road
  3. One Child in Pain
  4. We are the Chosen
  5. You’ve Only Got One Life
  6. House Calls
  7. Run Away
  8. We are Yours
  9. The Old Man
  10. Can’t Stop



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