55. Rez Band: Hostage

(Sparrow Records, 1984)
(Sparrow Records, 1984)

This is probably the quirkiest release in Resurrection Band’s storied career, which came at a time when they had shortened the band name to Rez and had embraced their inner love of new wave. Hostage bears the telltale signs of music’s Eighties trend of synthesizer and computer generated sounds. Somehow, though, as weird as it was for Rez to dabble in new wave, it worked. And maybe that’s just the memories talking, but I loved Hostage when it came out and still have a soft spot for it.

For starters, the opener S.O.S. is more Devo than Led Zeppelin, but it sounds good. Attention rights the ship in a favor of Resurrection Band’s classic hard rock sound. It’s right up there alongside the best cuts on the record. Defective Youth and Souls for Hire, a new wave gem, are the other standouts. Once again, Glenn and Wendi Kaiser trade off singing lead vocals. Wendi, who had done a rap on the band’s previous release, sounds particularly good on Crimes. And who can forget the footsteps and heavy breathing of someone running with the sound of gunfire in the background on Beyond the Gun?

Fans will probably agree that Hostage is not Rez Band’s finest hour. But it is another quality release from the Christian hard music pioneers, who weren’t afraid to expand their musical landscape with new sounds and rhythms. The record was the band’s sixth studio recording, part of a wealth of music that continues to scratch the itch of those who enjoy rock ‘n’ roll with a positive influence and message.


3.Souls for Hire
4.Defective Youth
5.Who’s Real Anymore
6.Armageddon Appetite
7.Beyond the Gun
9.It’s You
10.Tears in the Rain
11.Walk Away




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