56. Chagall Guevara: Chagall Guevara

(MCA, 1991)
(MCA, 1991)

When a band of Christian Contemporary Music vets got together and formed Chagall Guevara, they recorded a quality album before calling it quits. The band’s shelf life was only about three years, but their self-titled debut and only full-length release is a great legacy (and also glimpses of what could have been!). With Steve Taylor behind the microphone, Chagall Guevara had one of CCM’s best frontmen when their self-titled debut came out on MCA Records. The band never did break away from its CCM roots as it had hoped to do, though, and faded into obscurity far too soon.

That said, they gifted the world with some great music. Chagall Guevara features 13 tracks of more or less straight ahead rock. At times, it rocks harder than others. Violent Blue has an edge to it, while Love is a Dead Language is more subdued and goes down easy. Musically, it’s well played, but lyrically its brilliant thanks to Taylor’s trademark sarcastic wit. The Monkey Grinder has always been a favorite, with its Rolling Stone’s inspired guitar licks and snarly attitude. Likewise Play God is very good, with searing guitar and a complimentary horn section.

All in all, Chagall Guevara is a good album that borderlines on great but never really makes that leap. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a solid record. But one can only imagine how good the band could have become if they had stuck around.


1. Murder in the Big House
2. Escher’s World
3. Play God
4. Monkey Grinder
5. Can’t You Feel the Chains
6. Violent Blue
7. Love Is a Dead Language
8. Take Me Back To Love Canal
9. Wrong George
10. Candy Guru
11. I Need Somebody
12. Rub of Love
13. If It All Comes True




5 thoughts on “56. Chagall Guevara: Chagall Guevara

  1. Thanks for the review. I finally decided to purchase because both you and the one who made the 500 CCM list had a good review. Steve Taylor was a good singer and made many great albums. This one is the only album from Chagall Guevara. Such a shame! It is a fantastic album though it never sold as much as it could have.

    1. Actually there was a second “Chagall Guevara” album, but not with Steve’s involvement. The rest of the band reformed as “Passafist” and put out one more album under that name. Essentially the exact same band, without Steve Taylor.

      Something to check into if you’re looking for Good Christian Rock.

      1. Passafist is a great album. But it only has the guitarists from Chagall Guevara, and is more of an industrial album. So it’s a different band for sure. But if you like CG, you’ll like Passafist. In some ways, Steve Taylor’s “Squint” is closer to a CG follow-up, featuring him & the Rhythm section.

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