58. P.I.D.: The Chosen Ones

(Forefront, 1991)
(Forefront, 1991)

Yes, rap music. On a list of rock records, this is somewhat of an anomaly. Truth is I like all kinds of music – rock, reggae, heavy metal, punk, hardcore, jazz, gospel and yup, rap. And P.I.D. (Preachers in Disguise) were one of the early Christian rap bands that were actually really good. And The Chosen Ones is a great record. For sure, Here We Are was P.I.D.’s groundbreaking record that brought credible rap to the Christian music industry. And I liked it, but The Chosen Ones is the record that came out just before I seen P.I.D. in concert and, as far as rap acts go, they were actually really, really good live.

And really, with D-boy, Dynamic Twins and Soldiers for Christ (SFC), there was some decent rap to listen to in the early ’90s. Now that (ahem) I’m quite a bit older, Christian rap has never been better with the likes of Tedaschi, Lecrae and Trip Lee. My son who hit double digits recently likes many of today’s Christian rap artists, which is good, cause those on the other side of the industry are incredibly foul-mouthed.

The Chosen Ones is packed with variety and the arrangements are a lot of fun. Grace begins with a swirling horns section. The Hour of Strong Delusions features a preacher shouting a gospel message to a driving beat. Get Under the Blood Stream has a jungle beat with gospel singing samples. Joy Like a River begins with organ, and moves along to a bouncy beat with the chorus sung by a gospel choir. Roots is a reggae jam. Yup, lots of variety. And when P.I.D. straight up raps, they rock. Abstruction is the best track on the record, with some great low-end bass and alternated rapped lines by Barry G. (Hogan), Fred Lynch and K-Mack the Knife. Get You A Bible is also top-notch stuff. All in all, The Chosen Ones is a solid record that combines some incredible rapping and lyrical know-how, with a wealth of interesting beats. It’s definitely worth a listen.


1. The chosen ones – part one
2. Grace
3. Hey oh
4. The book
5. Abstruction
6. Authority
7. The hour of strong delusions
8. Victim of the system
9. Your’s truly
10. Get you a bible – D-Boy Remix
11. Get under the blood stream
12. License 2 kill
13. 15 Degrees in Detroit
14. Joy like a river
15. Progression
16. K-Mack the Knife (Soul Fingers)
17. The chosen ones – part two
18. Roots
19. 3rd degree burns
20. The chosen ones – instrumental




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