62. Degarmo & Key: D&K

(Forefront, 1987)
(Forefront, 1987)

When it comes to Degarmo and Key, there’s one thing that stands out: these guys could always write a song with a hook. In that regard, they kind of remind me of Creedence Clearwater Revival. John Fogerty is one of the greatest songwriters ever in my opinion, and CCR records delivered quality through in through. Eddie DeGarmo and Dana Key were equally adept at crafting songs with a hook. Songs such as Ready Or Not, Let the Whole World Sing, Alleluia Christ is Coming, Six Six Six, and Destined to Win are among the band’s timeless classics.

And that was before Degarmo & Key released the record simply entitled D&K in 1987. And boy, what a record. Degarmo & Key’s music over the year had been mostly radio-friendly pop. On 1986’s Streetlight, the band  attempted to introduce a heavier sound, which was reportedly toned down by the label. However on D&K,  a hard rock sound was fully unleashed – and no more so than on the album opener Out of the Danger Zone. The song sets the tone for the record. Other out-and-out rockers include War With the World and Rock Solid, which rank among the album’s best tracks.

Even when the record doesn’t rock as hard, it’s still good. Teenage Suicide is a great ballad that tackles a heavy topic, while Brother Against Brother (It’s Not Right) has a good groove and simple message. Under the Son is typical Degarmo & Key fare. It’s easy listening, but real good. The record does lose some gas on the second side with songs such as Stand and Radical that fail to get off the ground. However, the album finishes with a bang with as When the Son Begins to Reign, another song that replicates Degarmo & Key’s winning formula from previous efforts. Despite an absolutely dreadful album cover, D&K served up some great Christian rock.


  1. Out of the Danger Zone
  2. Under the Sun
  3. Rock Solid
  4. Teenage Suicide
  5. Strength of Love
  6. Brother Against Brother (It’s Not Right)
  7. War with the World
  8. Stand
  9. Radical
  10. When the Son Begins to Reign




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