63. Randy Stonehill: Love Beyond Reason

(Myrrh, 1985)
(Myrrh, 1985)

Now I know what you’re going to say: this is not the greatest Randy Stonehill record ever – and that could be true. But it was the one that had that duet with Christian pop queen Amy Grant. The next year, Grant would go on to pop radio glory with her duet with Peter Cetera, who was kind of like a big deal in the band Chicago at one time (side note: The Chicago Transit Authority’s debut double record is one of my favourite albums of all time). But in 1985, it was Stonehill and Grant who hooked up for I Could Never Say Goodbye, a duet that curiously also served as Love Beyond Reason‘s first song. It was an interesting track selection, since most bands bury their ballads/duets somewhere in the middle of the record.

And while it was an okay tune, the record really got rolling once I Could Never Say Goodbye was out of the way. There are some real good songs on this Love Beyond Reason. The standouts including Gods of Men (which gets double billing as an extended version at the end of the record), Angry Young Men and Judgement Day, the latter of which is a moody, mid-tempo rocker that features an interesting Caribbean-inspired rhythm section.

All in all, Love Beyond Reason is a solid record from a guy that has made a lot of them. And although I’ve heard a number of Stonehill’s other records, this was the first one I ever owned – I still like it. It certainly has that mid-’80s vibe, with a mix of midi-programming and synthesized sounds, along with an interesting blend of instruments that includes soprano sax, congas and harmonica. And I think the record stands up as a pretty good introduction to Stonehill’s music, combining elements of his work in the ’70s with a dash of ’80s flare. For sure, Stonehill, proved his longevity as a Jesus Music pioneer. He was able to continue to make quality contemporary Christian music years after his 1971 debut, and that’s saying something.


  1. I Could Never Say Goodbye
  2. Love Beyond Reason
  3. The Gods Of Men
  4. Bells
  5. You’re Loved Tonight
  6. Until You’re Love Broke Through
  7. Hymn
  8. Angry Young Men  
  9. Judgement Day
  10. Cross That Line
  11. The Gods Of Men (Extended Version)




4 thoughts on “63. Randy Stonehill: Love Beyond Reason

  1. Randy Stonehill has a very prolific musical career for sure. He did much teaching by music that touched the generation(s). I have 8 of his albums/ CD’s and I just like his music!! A troubadour for sure. When you posted this album, I looked for a CD but couldn’t find one. Since I didn’t have an LP, I decided to check online, Itunes did have the album available in digital “high quality” mp4 format and it is not drm so I created a CD audio to listen . My favorite song was Love Beyond Reason since I’ve viewed the Music video many times. I also enjoyed his duet with Amy Grant. I hope there is another Randy album here in Top 100 maybe “Between Glory and Flame” or ” Equator” or even his newer one “Wild Frontier”

  2. Yup, Randy Stonehill has a lot of good music. I grew up with his music from the ’80s, but I like his ’70s stuff is even better.

  3. Ok, this one baffles me on why you included it when truth be told it is the weakest album that Sir Stonehill has ever released. If you’re gauging ROCK albums, as you state, then this is literally the worst of the worst. Welcome to Paradise had better rock than this. Wild Frontier had better rock than this. Even Stonehill’s first (Born Twice) rocked better than this, and it was almost purely an acoustic release.

    As you say in your own comment to this — his 70’s stuff is better — and yet… this nominal 80’s pop release rates on your list?


    1. Uh, well the blog is a list of albums that influenced me, which is why its included. Did Stonehill have better efforts? Absolutely. I was barely a teenager when this came out, still trying to get a grip on what music, musical integrity and the CCM industry was all about. Baby steps….

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