65. 2nd Chapter of Acts: With Footnotes

(Myrrh, 1974)
(Myrrh, 1974)

Now this was one of the first records I ever owned. Everything about this album evokes memories, from the cover with Anne Herring, Matthew Ward and Nelly Ward (all of whom have long hair!) to the song titles. It’s no Stryper and 2nd Chapter of Acts isn’t going to rock your socks off, but it’s good music. And it’s dominated by the lush harmonies of Anne, Buck and Nelly who sing inoffensive but inspired gospel music. It’s soft rock at best, but there’s some toe-tapping good times to be had on With Footnotes, which was the band’s debut record. The trio would go on to churn out a number of records during the ’70s and ’80s, including the super cool 1980’s The Roar of Love that was based on C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia.

With Footnotes delivered some memorable songs, of which the The Devil’s Lost Again, Easter Song and the opener Which Way the Wind Blows were always my favorites. There’s some rousing piano playing on the record, which is on full display on Love, Peace, Joy. There’s even some heavy guitar riffing on The Devil’s Lost Again and some licks on Good News.

As one of the bands to come out of the Jesus Music movement, 2nd Chapter of Acts was a highly listenable singing group that played with such early Christian contemporary music heavyweights as Barry McGuire and Phil Keaggy. I’ve had a number of the band’s records in my collection over the years, and really appreciate the music. The trio certainly sets the standard high when it comes to quality, and With Footnotes is a testament to the age old question: Why should the Devil have all the good music?


1. “Which Way The Wind Blows”
2. “Goin’ Home”
3. “With Jesus”
4. “The Devil’s Lost Again”
5. “Love, Peace, Joy”
6. “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”
7. “Easter Song”
8. “He Loves Me”
9. “Good News”
10. “I Fall In Love/Change”
11. “The Son Comes Over The Hill”



3 thoughts on “65. 2nd Chapter of Acts: With Footnotes

  1. Hey brother. Enjoying your blog. The brother in 2nd Chapter of Acts is Matthew Ward. Buck Herring was the producer and sister Annie’s husband but he’s not on the singers. Matthew Ward has some really good solo stuff too. God bless.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Ya, I always thought Matthew Ward was connected with 2nd Chapter of Acts. Buck Herring wrote some of the songs but didn’t sing. Cheers.

  3. This is one of those albums I have been listening to the songs in YouTube. Hard to get as a CD format!!! If I owned this album, you can bet it would be my one of my favorites. “Which Way the Wind Blows” and “Easter Song” are both classic stuff. I think record companies should release this one again as CD format. And if they do, please release some other great names as well as…such as Bob Bennett’s “Matters of the Heart”.

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