67. Rick Elias & The Confessions: Rick Elias & The Confessions

 (Alarma, 1990)
(Alarma, 1990)

It’s easy for a record like this to get overlooked, but what a mistake that would be. Rick Elias & The Confessions brought to the table the kind of John Cougar Mellencamp/Bruce Springsteen no-frills roots rock that went down easy. But lyrically, Elias packed a punch. Elias reminds me of Mike Stand, former frontman of the Altar Boys who continued as a solo act once the band dissolved. However, Elias dug even deeper into his own psyche and soul for answers.

The thing I really like about this album is how the band can rock out like on the opener Confessions of Love or strip the sound down to the basics. Stripped is an acoustic number with a sprinkling of harmonica that drips with emotion. The harmonica sound on Stones is really good, while the mandolin on Word is Love is bright and fits perfectly. Both are really good songs, but the absolute best track on the record has to Riot (Comin’ On), which soars along to an up-tempo beat with a great vocal mix of male/females vocals. In a word, brilliant.

Overall, the record has a real Lonesome Jubilee feel, which is my favorite John Cougar Mellencamp album. Rick Elias would go on to release 10 Stories the following year, another quality release, although it lacked some of the edge that made Rick Elias & The Confessions such a good listen. This is a great record, with a really good first side and even better B side. If you haven’t heard it, you’re missing out.


  1. Confession of Love
  2. Streets of Rome
  3. Miles and Miles
  4. Before the Fall
  5. Someday
  6. Word Is Love
  7. Riot (Comin’ On)
  8. Without One Word
  9. Stones
  10. Stripped




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