70. Barnabas: Feel the Fire

(Light Records, 1984)
(Light Records, 1984)

Barnabas is one of the bands that upped the ante on Christian hard rock. And although the band had been around for a while before Feel the Fire (they got started in 1978), this was the second of two mid-’80s records that showed Barnabas performing at its peak. Approaching Light Speed released in 1983 was equally as impressive, if not Barnabas’s best record ever.

Truth is, I like them both. And I still think Little Foxes, the band’s last studio record, was also pretty good (Auschwitz ’87 is a great, great song). But it was no Feel The Fire. I mean Prelude, the instrumental that kicks off Feel the Fire, is spectacular with its futuristic/spooky intro – and boy, is it hard rocking! And I’m usually not a big fan of heavy metal that relies heavily on keyboards, but with Barnabas it works.

As far as the album’s best tracks, well Feel The Fire is super good. The same can be said for Follow You Up, another hard rocking number that is dominated by awesome guitar riffs. But it’s the sum of its parts that makes Feel The Fire such a great record, from the pop sounds of Hearts to the opera-like arrangements on The Dream and Breathless Wonderment. Add the vocals of Nancy Jo Mann, whose voice is perfect for the band’s sound, and Feel The Fire is just a great record from start to finish.


  1. Prelude
  2. The Dream
  3. Breathless Wonderment
  4. Hearts
  5. Feel The Fire
  6. Northern Lights
  7. Follow You Up
  8. Suite For The Souls Of Our Enemies




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