71. Daniel Amos: Vox Humana

(Refuge, 1984)
(Refuge, 1984)

Vox Humana was my introduction to Daniel Amos and I was hooked from the start. What I really like about this record was how much fun it is. I mean, Dance Stop is just a great song. It’s simple, it’s silly and it’s fun! Not that fun was totally absent in Christian music back then. Randy Stonehill had American Fastfood and David Meece had Mother, Muffler, Mozart & The Beatles. But Daniel Amos took a page from Devo and incorporated quirky, danceable rhythms into their music and presto! Another DA classic!

The record also had a great backstory, as the third in a four part series of The ¡Alarma! Chronicles. And they are all great, but Vox Humana great? Okay, so greatness is subjective. But for me, Vox Humana is my one DA “deserted island” record. It’s a strong recording from Travelog right on through to Sanctuary, (count ’em) 12 songs long and not a dog in the lot.

And I really like the subject matter, and while it’s super fun, Daniel Amos sings about the future (Rocket Packs), consumerism (It’s Sick) and life in general (As The World Turns). Brilliant, thought provoking stuff. Seriously, this is an incredible effort from an incredible band. The amazing thing is that with DA, there’s so much more. Best Christian band ever?


  1. Travelog 
  2. (It’s The Eighties, So Where’s Our) Rocket Packs
  3. Home Permanent
  4. It’s Sick
  5. William Blake
  6. Dance Stop
  7. Live And Let Live
  8. When Worlds Collide
  9. As The World Turns
  10. She’s All Heart
  11. The Incredible Shrinking Man
  12. Sanctuary




2 thoughts on “71. Daniel Amos: Vox Humana

  1. I’ve considered buying this album but still I’m not convinced yet. It seems like all the list makers praise Daniel Amos. I have Shotgun Angel, Horrendous DIsc, Alarma, and Doppelganger and they all are classics. I hope that they release this album again soon, so I don’t have to pay so much.

    1. I lucked into a copy of Vox Humana on vinyl. Other than the sentimental value the album has for me, I really think it is a valuable addition to any record collection.

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