73. Adam Again: Dig

(1992, Brainstorm)
(1992, Brainstorm)

Adam Again could very well be the band that epitomized the term “alternative rock” on the Christian scene. They were kind of like the Talking Heads in the sense that they knew how to groove and create sonic textures with hints of funk , new wave and indie rock all rolled into one. Dig wasn’t Adam Again’s first kick at the can, but it remains my favorite for a number of reasons.

For starters, have you heard the song Hopeless, Etc…? The songwriting is spectacular. The same could be said about the haunting River on Fire or Hidden, Hidden. This really is just a great album from start to finish. In this regard, the high praise heaped on the dearly departed Gene Eugene is certainly deserved. As a recording artist and record producer, Mr. Andrusco had his hand in many pies including the always fun The Swirling Eddies and Christian rock’s answer to The Traveling Wilburys, the Lost Dogs.

To be honest, I’ve never been an Adam Again fan in the truest sense of the word, but every time I hear them I like them, and no more so than on Dig. Really, the band brought a credibility to the Christian scene that is unmistakable. And Dig is the kind of record that really, only gets better with age. It’s that good.


1   Deep (4:17)
2   It Is What It Is (What It Is) (3:43)
3   Dig (3:26)
4   Hopeless, Etc. (4:53)
5   Songwork (5:29)
6   Worldwide (2:07)
7   Walk Between the Raindrops (3:31)
8   Hidden, Hidden (3:26)
9   River on Fire (5:46)
10 So Long (4:20)




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