74. Chris Lizotte & Soul Motion: Chris Lizotte & Soul Motion

(Metro One Music, 1992)
(Metro One Music, 1992)

There is something cool about hearing Christian choruses sung to new arrangements. It doesn’t always work or sound good, but when it does…wow. And that’s the case with Chris Lizotte’s take on Change My Heart Oh God. Chris Lizotte & Soul Motion’s self-titled album is one of those records I took a chance on at a Christian bookstore years ago and boy, what a great record it is.

It’s blues too, a “straight Texas blues record in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughn” as one reviewer puts it. From the opening snare hits on You Keep on Givin’ to Me, the album dives right into a really groovin’ blues sound. The opener is a great track, with Lizotte’s vocals, a real “meaty” bass line and great guitar riffs completing the deal. Brother It’s Alright sounds somewhat like the Black Crowes, but not disappointingly so. The band puts its own stamp on the blues, and the results are above average.

The back side of the record features a string of tunes where the pace is slowed to a crawl and elements of gospel and soul emerge. At The Cross of Jesus is the best of the bunch. The band turns things back up a notch with I Cried Like A Baby, one of the album’s strongest tracks, before ending the record with a Gun ‘n’ Roses-inspired Tell Me. As far as blues records go, Chris Lizotte & Soul Motion hit one out of the park with this one. It’s a quality record from start to finish.


1. You Keep on Givin’ to Me
2. When it Dawned on Me
3. Change My Heart Oh God
4. Brother It’s Alright
5. Don’t Let my Heart Turn Back to Stone
6. Shine Your Light
7. Come unto Me
8. At the Cross of Jesus
9. I Cried Like a Baby
10. Tell Me




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