80. Servant: Caught in the Act of Loving Him

(Rooftop Records, 1983)
(Rooftop Records, 1983)

Servant was one of the most interesting bands making Christian rock in the late’ 70s and throughout the ’80s. Not only was the band known for its concerts which sometimes features skits or multi-media shows (including laser lights!), the members also lived together as part of a community original known as the Highway Missionary Society. Yup, a commune. All stereotypes aside, these holdouts from the Jesus Movement were eager to share the good news of the gospel in a “language” that was relevant in the context of modern culture. And so, Servant was born.

By the time Caught in the Act of Loving Him came out, Servant had already released three records (and another called Remix). In fact the band was quite prolific when it came to cranking out records, averaging one per year from 1981-85. Caught In the Act came on the heels of World of Sand, and seemed to improve on the band’s sound– something the band collaborates with on their website. For sure, the songwriting was good. My favorites songs haven’t changed in 30 years. Heart to Heart, Gauges, Something Right for You, Fall OutThank God and the opener, Burning Bridges, are all quality rock songs, many of which are sung by Sandie Brock. Her voice kind of brings Fleetwood Mac to mind, especially singer Stevie Nicks on 1977’s Rumours.

I also liked the album covers. World of Sand had that memorable horse and rider fleeing from a destructive wave. On Caught in The Act, the reflection in a pair of sunglasses of a guy wearing sunglasses was cool. The follow up record, Light Maneuvers, was even better: who can forget the ominous glowing footprints left by the parachutist? The latter remain my two favourite Servant records. The band released Swimming in a Human Ocean in 1985, which ended a string of great covers with a sterile band shot. The record proved to be Servant’s swan song.

For a Christian rocker in the ’80s, Servant brings back good memories. Caught in the Act was one of the first five cassettes I ever owned, from a band that, by all accounts, was great to see live. While Servant’s heydays have come and gone, at least we have the legacy of some great music.


  1. Burning Bridges
  2. Thank God
  3. Fall Out
  4. Now Is the Time
  5. Holding On to You
  6. Heart to Heart
  7. Gauges
  8. Something Right for You
  9. Tied Down
  10. Can’t Go Back




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