82. Nobody Special: Call It Whatever You Want

(Broken Records, 1989)
(Broken Records, 1989)

Now this was (and is!) a fantastic punk rock record. It was raw and it was real, and Pat Nobody was really a somebody who could churn out quality music. Nobody Special was the rare kind of band that existed on the fringes of the Christian scene and never really hit the big time. But boy, what a legacy the band left.

I mean, Call it Whatever You Want is just a great, great record. Even now, I crank it in the car or on the home stereo and I absolutely love it. What makes it even more special is that among friends, there are a number of tunes on the record that we used to jam to – and still do every once in a while. (And, there exists a small cult-following of others who still like it too).

Nobody Special was the ultimate fringe band, in my opinion, and if you’re ever looking for a  history on the band, check it out from the man himself. Good stuff. Sadly, the band’s time in the spotlight was short. Call It Whatever You Want, which came out in 1987, was the second record released by Nobody Special – and Pat Nobody recorded it before he actually formed the band. It was produced by his brother Joey Taylor (aka Ojo) of Undercover fame. The self-titled debut is also a great listen, and you can hear the influence of Social Distortion in the sound. Pat’s vocal delivery, in which lyrics are alternatively sung, shouted and spoken, gives Nobody Special its punk rock edge.

Once One Nation kicks Call It Whatever You Want off at a brisk pace, and there is no let up on the second track Heroes, which features a wailing guitar solo throughout the second verse. On Devil Metal, the band shows off an ability to expand the punk rock recipe. The song has a great arrangement, with more great guitar work – and have I mentioned the drumming yet? Tony Cena was an absolute beast on the kit. Amazing stuff.

When the band does tone it down (Breath of Life) the results are still great. The albums ends with an acoustic number (I Wanna Go Home), which only adds to the record’s diversity.It’s undeniably a punk rock record, but Nobody Special knows how to keep the song arrangements interesting. One thing for sure, Call It Whatever You Want is NEVER a bore – both lyrically and musically. Heck, there’s even a cover of What’s The Buzz from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Yup, Nobody Special was indeed a special band. And Call It Whatever You Want is a certifiable Christian punk rock classic.


1. Once One Nation (3:04)
2. Heroes (2:05)
3. Devil Metal (4:30)
4. Those Who Look (2:33)
5. Wierdo (2:32)
6. Breath Of Life (3:48)
7. Finger Pointer (2:42)
8. What’s The Buzz (2:29)
9. Interview (0:25)
10. So You Wanna Be Rich (3:02)
11. Last Dance (3:44)
12. Special People (2:08)
13. I Wanna Go Home (2:20)




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