89. Deliverance: Deliverance

(Intense Records, 1989)
(Intense Records, 1989)

Ah, Deliverance. If there ever was a Christian band that embodied the speed-metal/thrash metal genere, this was the band. Deliverance employed an unmistakable crunching guitar sound, often played over galloping beats. In that sense, they were headbanger’s dream.

The band’s self-titled debut was a great record from start to finish. Sure, Weapons of Our Warfare was equally as good – maybe even better – and did not succumb to the dreaded sophomore slump. But the first record cemented Deliverance within the Christian music scene as a quality hard-music band, a viable alternative for Metallica fans. And if there was a knock of Deliverance, it was the unmistakable Metallica influence, although in fairness Deliverance was never as technically complex as Metallica. They played it more straight ahead, which seemed to suit the band perfectly.

The debut record really didn’t have a weak track on it. Oh sure, it’s the same basic sound that gets repeated. But there’s enough variety of chord progressions and fast/slow drum playing to keep it interesting. Jimmy P. Brown II also had a great voice and interesting vocal range, which included high-pitched screams when needed.  The trash-style shouts were also good, and the band could also shred and played some of the fastest solos you’ll hear on any Christian record (this side of Ken Tamplin, perhaps).

If there’s a best song on Deliverance, it’d be a toss up between Blood of the Covenant and If You Will, but all 10 tracks are solidThe opener, Victory, is real good and sets the table nicely with a great guitar riff and double-kick drum early on. No Time and Deliverance (yup, a band called Deliverance has a song called Deliverance on an album called Deliverance) also begin with a crunching guitar riff, while If You Will is an absolute scorcher with one of the best intros on the record. The first side closes with The Call which has the band’s two-guitar attack masterly on full display about two-thirds of the way through.

On the B side, No Love is okay, but Blood of the Covenant, which begins with a great bass line, ramps the record up to a fever pitch once again. Jehovah Jireh is kind of cool, being a worship song and all, while Temporary Insanity begins with yet another killer guitar riff and makes good on a number of time changes and super-fast solos. Deliverance closes with Awake, which begins with an eerie, deep voice that repeatedly says “awake” before the song kicks down. The guitar comes screeching in past the one-minute mark, and the song takes off at a blistering pace.

Yup, Deliverance remains a solid debut for the band of the same, a great quality thrash-metal record that has stood the test of time. Deliverance played it hard and heavy in the same vein of Christian scene counterparts Tourniquet and Vengeance Rising, three bands that thrash fans everywhere should know.


  1. Victory – 3:44
  2. No Time – 4:28
  3. Deliverance – 3:03
  4. If You Will – 4:23
  5. The Call – 4:10
  6. No Love – 3:30
  7. Blood of the Covenant – 4:50
  8. Jehovah Jireh – 3:35
  9. Temporary Insanity – 5:25
  10. Awake – 6:03




2 thoughts on “89. Deliverance: Deliverance

  1. Fantastic album! Actually this is the first album I own from your list. I like also “Weapons of Our Warfare” but this is like you said, a solid debut. Every track is almost as good as the next one. This was actually my favorite one when I listed “The foreign Christian metal albums of all-time”.

  2. Ya, “Weapons of Our Warfare” is equally as good as the band’s debut. I was able to see the Deliverance live, and they were very good in concert too. However, the band lost me with “What a Joke,” a record I never liked. Apparently they released a bunch of stuff after that, though, that was better.

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