92. Thousand Foot Krutch: Set It Off

(Diamante, 2001)

Listening to Thousand Foot Krutch’s Set It Off, which was released in 2001, is like a trip through the ’90s. You can hear shades of Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, Rage Against the Machine, Matchbox 20, Korn… they’re all there! Well, TFK may not have exactly been original, but they did bring a credible brand of rap metal to the Christian scene. And it was well made. Sure, one of the best tracks on the record is a cover of EMF’s Unbelievable. But there is plenty of other fodder to get your rock on.

And that’s where Trevor McNevan comes off looking like a genius. The leader singer has been the one constant in the band to this day, and, with a glaring lack of CCM rap metal acts, TFK filled the void. Really, the only rap/metal group that comes to mind that was really killing it at the turn of the millenium was P.O.D., THAT crossover group that went on to achieve rockstar status. Now McNevan’s keen business sense may have told him to “make a quality rap metal record now” which wouldn’t surprise me. In the mid-2000s, he fronted FM Static, a catchy pop punk band that served as a pretty sweet side project (and hey, if your record label (Tooth ‘n Nail) is gonna back it too, that’s also pretty sweet). He definitely strikes me as the kind of guy that keeps up on music trends, with an eye toward giving the people what they want.

But back to Set it Off. With tracks such as Puppet, Supafly and Rhime Animal, TFK combined abrasive guitars with rapped lyrics in Limp Bizkit style. The title track, Set It Off, has Rage Against the Machine written all over it. Come Along has that definite Blink 182 vibe , but it’s still good. In fact, the record has a good mix of tracks. There’s pretty much something for everyone and even if you hate rap metal, you’re bound to like the song Lift It, which I’m sure some people have played during worship service. That’s probably the best thing and the worst thing you can say about Set it Off, but hey, being all things to all men can’t be an easy gig, so good on them.


  1. [Untitled]  – 1:01

  2. Puppet – 3:25

  3. Supafly – 3:40

  4. When In Doubt – 3:27

  5. Rhime Animal – 4:27

  6. Unbelievable – 3:03

  7. Up Comes Down – 3:22

  8. Come Along – 3:23

  9. Small Town – 6:54

  10. Set It Off – 6:03

  11. All The Way Live – 4:10

  12. Lift It – 3:59

Listen here:



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