And so it begins

Rock ‘n’ roll has a dirty history. 

Steeped in rebellion and fuelled by sex and drugs, it has often been the soundtrack to all kinds of evil deeds, done dirt cheap.

Nevertheless, it was a new-found artistic expression. An art form with amplification. A sound box with lots of volume and loads of room for experimentation.

And along the way, in the wake left by Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Zombies, The Kinks and The Chocolate Watch Band, some found an outlet to express their faith. They called it Christian Rock, the oft-demonized music made by believers who embraced the new language of sonic expression that had transformed popular music and popular culture.

From Larry Norman to P.O.D., faith-based rock has found an audience with rock ‘n’ roll music lovers of all ages and genres. And ever since the birth of Christian rock, there have been some definitive, if not scene-altering records that have made the faithful proud.

For that, we have The One Hundred, a blog that features 100 recordings you should get to know regardless of church affiliation or spiritual beliefs because, after all, good music deserves to be heard.

These may not be the greatest 100 records in the history of Christian Rock — there are other blogs for that — but they are albums that influenced me, and that’s really all any artist could ask of from a listener. To allow their music to get into your ears and into your brain, and resonate somewhere deep inside.



One thought on “And so it begins

  1. It’s great that there’s now new blog about these Christian albums. Although only Christian rock but I guess you are not afraid to take such bands as Delirious? etc. to your list. I am a believer but I’ve listened to rock and metal since I was six years old. I found Christian rock through my friend who introduced me to Finnish Christian rock, bands such as The Rain, Terapia, and Bass’n Helen. After a while I found a South-African group called The Benjamin Gate, the album was called “Untitled”. Soon, bands such as Stryper and Petra came familiar to me. Nowadays Christian rock from Larry Norman and Mark Heard to Touirniquet and Believer has found their ways to my CD collection. Good that you have countdown of Christian rock music now, I may find new artists. I was actually planning to do my own blog about Christian music but now I have found new Christian artists, so I have to list them some other time.

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